Warning: 600km of boredom ahead

6 01 2008

street-sign.jpgOr the sign should have said that. The main road south of Santiago is a thumping great two lane divided highway, and I’ve seen little else for four days. At least the surrounding land is irrigated, so it is green and ocasionally some trees grant some shade. But it is, in essence, dull. The great, almost flat road, makes for fast riding though; I’ve cracked just over 600km in 4 days. Ushuaia here we come!

About 100km before Victoria (the turn off as far as I was concerned), around Los Angeles – hang on, did I take a wrong turn somewhere and end up in california? – the road started to undulate more, forests appeared and it wasn’t quite so boring. I passed through Collipulli. Similar to Collie, Richard. They have a thumping great bridge across a valley, possibly the only thing of note about the town. It is a big bridge.

But, since Victoria, on the 50 odd km road to Curacautín, everything has changed. The summer flowers are blooming amongst the grasses in the fields. The smell of the grasses, is well, summery. The trees are big. The valleys are also deep, but that doesn’t matter – the views are worth the climbs. Oh, and the sky is blue. Blue like it should be, no smog anywhere.

The next part is into the lakes district, and if it is like this, it’ll be very pleasant. Past a volcano or two. Possibly the odd lake. If you are stuck in an office, hope you enjoy it 😉 I’m out here, loving it!!



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