Solo again

3 01 2008

After a week in Santiago, culminating in the New Years thing (with mucho fireworks), we saddled up and headed south once again. It was expected to be a little boring – mountains on one side, desert on the other, and a thumping great motorway full of cars, trucks and buses to follow. And it was exactly like this. Except the desert is actually green farms – there is a lot of irrigation here, and lots of wineries.

But it was still boring. Same ol’ for a long way. So Jörg and Rahel talked themselves into a rapid cycling day, which will see them riding about 450km south in one hit (riding a bus perhaps). The real reason we wanted to speed up a bit is summer is advancing, and Ushuaia is still a long way away. I, being a little crazy, would like to ride the whole way, and so I’m riding the boring bit. I hope to catch up to Jörg and Rahel in a week or so, when we get to the good stuff again around the Siete Lagos (7 lakes), or possibly in northern Patagonia. Depends on how speedy we are.



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