Santiago. Buying

31 12 2007

I’m in a bit of a purchasing mood. The day after we hit Santiago we bought a new tent each. Yes, thats right folks, in a period of only a few hours I viewed, selected, ummed and ahhed and actually broke out the plastic to buy another tent. That brings the tent count to three and a hammock, but only one here, where it counts. I think there’s room for a few more. If your interested, it’s an MSR Hubba Hubba and I got the two person version in case I meet a stranded chica somewhere in Patagonia.

You can stop laughing now Jess.

I have since lashed out on a new pair of shoes – the Peru brand I bought just before Cusco have now officially died – they have been very sick for several weeks. So I went for brand name this time (since it is available in Santiago, the city with 7 million people and every consumer good known to man). More cash, but hopefully more life. We’ll see.

I now look more like a cyclist again. New shirt and pants. A photo will no doubt capture the garments in the not too distant future. You’ll just have to wait for it.

And my Christmas present to myself is a domain name. If I can make it work, this site (or a new one hosted somewhere if I can get round to doing it) will be accessable by the URL:

.com and .net were taken, but I look forward to messing with the subdomain names:, etc. 

Happy New Year. I imagine there will be a party in Santiago somewhere, and it is likely that I’ll be behind in sleep for at least a week (we’re planning on leaving on 1-1-08 to continue south). So please don’t expect anything sensible from me. I’ll be either busy bouncing around my new tent, or sleeping in it.



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