Merry Merry and Happy Happy

23 12 2007

Mendoza is a lot bigger than I thought. Three MacDonalds that we saw. 😉

Today I have internet access, but no phone (and will have none for a few days at least), and only for a few minutes – so this will be brief.

To those at home, on the road, and well elsewhere: Happy New Year. And Christmas stuff also. The party at Julie’s I hope goes well 🙂 Sorry I can’t phone in. Make sure you celebrate my birtrhday appropriately. Drink lots of wine for me.

We turned right at Mendoza to head at Santiago via Aconcagua (as per Richards suggestion). Hopefully tomorrow we get a decent view of the mountain.



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27 12 2007
Doreen Fiedler

Hope you didn’t end up hungry on the 24./25. in the middle of nowhere between Chile and Argentina. I finally celebrated Xmas with the stars as kind of my Chistmas Tree – in an old abandond house with a wonderful view over Rio Mendoza, opening all the presents my parents sent me, which most were sweets, perfect to get new energy back after Los Libertadores.
If you happen to see this while you are in Santiago, call me on ********* or write if you need a tourist guide.

27 12 2007

Happy Birthday Sunshine.

Sorry it’s late but had no internet access. Oh and thanks for the PC. Gave me a big smile. 🙂

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