21 12 2007

I’ve uploaded some more to Flickr. Not sure if I should continue to do this… 3 hours of effort required for 50 odd photos (after the computer crashed twice). Frustrating.



One response

22 12 2007

Hey, you’re getting close to Aconcagua. Turn right at Mendoza. It’s the big hill. Get a photo at least. There might be a bike track up to the base. And Chile will be good.. Always wanted to go there. The southern fiord part.
Don’t have too miserable a Christmas. Think of me struggling to get to Thailand. Life is totally unfair. You think you have troubles, Here I am leading a pure and blameless life and a spider bites me and rots my leg. Huge abscess. How am I supposed to impress the girls on Railay beach. I will try and get there and do some climbing before gangrene sets in.
Time you stopped pretending you’re enjoying yourself and came back to Adelaide. Lots of opportunities at Moomba.
Thanks for the card. Looks a bit wierd. Sorry Rahel maced you (it was inevitable).
So merry Christmas and have a good new years.

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