20 12 2007

Some more desert. The last forty kilometers into Menoza was much better, being a winery district.

Menoza, like Salta, and to a lesser extent, San Juan, is a big place. I’ve found the second MacDonalds of the trip here (not a good thing), but it gives an idea of the size of the city. They have everything here… good food, wine, a siesta, hot weather this time of year… Seems like a good place to me (after only two days).

We’ve cracked 32° South (Ushuaia is at around 54°S), which puts us more or less on the same latitude as Perth (north of Bunbury… ahhh, Bunbury…), Port Augusta and pretty close to Newcastle. There is growing danger that I may actually make it to Tierra del Fuego (the southern bit of South America).

But first I need a new tent. The hammock just isn’t going to cut it in Patagonia. I think I’ve done pretty well to get this far!



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