I’m getting old.

17 12 2007

Really. I didn’t think it would happen quite like this, but it seems to.

I may have mentioned that there was a late night soccer game a few days ago. I was tired the next day, but I thought that might be normal. Also the muscles started complaining after 100 fast kms. Some guy tried to interview Jörg and I about our travels for his radio program. I think I may have sounded incoherent. I never knew – the broadcast was at 6 am the next day, and as it was our ‘rest’ day, I wasn’t getting up for that! The rest of the day I felt pretty normal, I guess that is because we spent most of it at the internet. Nut on returning to the campground… Oh dear! I felt like a cripple! I could hardly walk from the tent to the chair! For some reason my chest felt like I’d broken a rib. This has continued or several days.

Jörg and Rahel assure me that by the time I am forty I’ll get used to the pain and be able to move almost freely again. What do I do between now and then? And I’m not even thirty yet! (a few days away, but not there yet). What oes this mean for my adventure racing days? And Rogaines…..!

Is this why old people are grumpy all the time?



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