1 12 2007

This could also be titled:
Don’t cry for me.  or
On the road again. or
Half way!

Either way I have finally made it Argentina. The road was horrible, since just before Atoche to before Tupiza, and corrugated all the way today. I think, in hindsight, the train from Uyuni is not a bad idea. I just wanted to ride it though. Three very big days on the bike, or 8 hours in a comfortable train…

Tupiza ended up holding me hostage for 5 days. I didn’t even see much of the city, but I did read five Terry Pratchett books. So all was not lost.

As a welcome back present, it rained on me today. A dark cloud hanging over my head? It’d better move fast to keep up in the next few days then!

At the border between Bolivia and Argentina there is a sign that reads Ushuaia: 5121km. My odometer reads 5610km! So, even though I wont be going straight down (Chile and the Caraterra Austral we be where I spend a lot of time aas well) , it looks like this is more or less half way. Yippee!

Now, to settle this stomach down, and get into some Argentinian steak. I’ve been waiting months for this… Converting to vegeteneriasm will have to wait.



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