South West Bolivia

23 11 2007

After much scratching of heads, knashing of teeth and pondering over maps, the three of us decided that riding through the Bolivian south west to Chile would be:

  • Lots of effort
  • A long way to see little       and most impotantly
  • Too hard for us.

So we opted for the warm duche option (that’s the soft option), and took a three day tour by 4 wheel drive. This allowed us to see the magnificent Lagunas of the south west, without the logistical challenge of getting water in some of the desert (and deserted) places. It turns out it isn’t impossible (after talking to a lone cyclist we met along the way), but it is very difficult – so we’re not entirely unhappy that we decided to skip the section (by bike).

The Lagunas and other tourist attractions were definately worth a look, but we’ve been cooped up in a car for the best part of a thousand kilometers in the last 2.5 days and I’m looking forward to a sleep tonight, followed by working out what is going on with the trains – Joerg and Rahel would like to train to Argentina; but Bolivia is Bolivia and it isn’t clear actually which day the trains depart. Hopefully we’ll suss it out tomorrow, and I can get on with the last few hundred kilometers of Bolivia (which by all reports are on shocking quality road).



2 responses

24 11 2007

Wow! You’re almost to Argentina! I’ll order the steaks.

28 11 2007

Ta. I had a steak the other night, a little prematurely, in Tupiza, Bolivia… And hence I’m still here. Stomach problems… Argentina will be better, right?

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