5 11 2007

Another town. We had planned on riding across the border today, but the altitude took it’s toll on Rahel and we made it about half way. Unfortunately, that dumped us in Juli – billed as Peru’s small Rome. It’s not. It has an unusually high number of thumping great churches (four we found), but in no other way resembles Rome, or indeed Europe.

My advice: skip it. Unfortunately the ‘Planet doesn’t offer the same advice.

At least don’t stay the night here. Thankfully few do, but the witch at the only hostel in town is determined to squeeze every last dollar out of us. After an extensive search for dinner we settled on chicken, with chips. This place is original.

Tomorrow, for sure, we’ll be in Bolivia. Please?



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8 11 2007

There’s a point to all this. Why else forgo making squillions surfing the resources boom. Instead a nice bike ride, meeting interesting people some of whom are tolerable, and lots of street-cred for dealing with manic traffic. Better than cycling the Nullarbor . Maybe.
you missed the 12hour rogaine. The Langfords got top two spots, your team mate ricky got fourth. It was a big course. Total points 4100, first got 2460. My special control in the unmarked swamp got lotsa people.
You’re doing well – good luck with Bolivia, everyone says there are nice mountains there.

9 11 2007

I’m forgoing squillions? Bugger. Oh well.

Trust you to find a swamp. And then place a control there. I guess it takes a certain level of sadism to set one anyway – probably the same level of masochism needed to compete. Good on you for doing it though – I still haven’t.

I’m trying to find the mountains. So far it is flaaaaat.

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