The five passes: Road to Cusco

16 10 2007

The road is asphalt. The mountains are just as high. The river just before Abancay was at 1800m. Today we just tipped 4000m, before sailing down the other side. Yes, that is over 2000m vertical. And guess what? We go down to 1900m tomorrow, before… Yes, another pass, just shy of 3800m. But Cusco isn’t far now, and the prospect of doing a bit of touristy stuff. Maybe even a few days off the bike.

The road has surprisingly little traffic (at least today), considering this is the Panamericana, and the main road from Nasca (and Lima) to Cusco – Gringo central.

I wonder if I should have stuck to catching buses around here. Nah – the view tonight was again very good, and who would stop in Curahuasi if you were on a bus to Cusco? The climb today was pretty good really, despite taking most of the day. The clouds were covering the mountain tops when we were at the top of the pass, but they cleared for sunset – again the mountains were on fire. Burnt orange everywhere to the east, and a spectrum of colours on the snow capped peaks more to the north (come to think of it, they may be the same snow capped peaks we saw the other day for sunset). Anyway, it was great.



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