Huancayo Hamburger Haircut

1 10 2007

Today we were meant to leave Huancayo, but Rahel isn’t feeling too well, so I readily agreed to another day off. It’s been go-go-go for the last few weeks, so good to have a day to just mess around. And eat.

Jurg and I had a hamburger for lunch. We’ve called it the conejo (rabbit) hamburger. Lettuce and cucumber I consider normal. Never before have I had broccoli and carrot served with a hamburger.

Straight after lunch we decided to have a hair cut. This was probably expensive at 3 soles (approx A$1). Jurg ended up with a decent cut, although it is slightly asymmetric. I definately had the apprentice. After about 20 minutes of trimming the hair at the back of my head, she tried to use the clippers. I had to put the comb on the clippers for her. It went downhill from there. The good news is the difference between a bad haircut and a good one can be as little as two weeks.

Perhaps this one will take three.



One response

2 10 2007

Ha. Still sick. You gotta get metroniadazole, trade name Flagyl, or you’re going to have dysentery forever. You dumb first worlders, you’re been too long in an hygenic enviroinment. Not careful enough with washing food and your hands, and not eating suspect stuff.
But what about the extra terestrial object that crashed into the Andes last month. Somewhere in the Department of Puno in the Desaguadero region. Close to the Bolivian Border. Everyone mysteriously got sick. You must go there. You might also get the space sickness and turn into an alien monster. Not much of an improvement you might think, but every bit helps and aliens seldom get dysentrey.
Nice pictures. Rahel looks good. She hasn’t maced you yet. She must like you.

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