Over 1000 hits

17 09 2007

I know I don’t have this many friends. Who are all you people?

Now get back to work. Only jobless slackers like me are allowed to waste time on the internet.



2 responses

19 09 2007

Must be an aliasing problem. people think theadventuresofstephen is a porn site.
Interesting pictures. Didn’t realise it was a mountain biking trip. Seems to be all about how far you go and what you eat. Possibly better than Bunbury.
No; ten hours for the ridge walk is a rotten time. The JonandPeter record is under seven. And we were running to try and make up for being lost in the cloud. They were new people. All the old ones have diffused away into south America and Norway and Adelaide. It’s a steady flow process. Spare a thought for our friend in the Artic. She has very sturdily borne huge changes in her life and has recently chopped off her left forefinger with an axe. I believe most has grown back, but she’s still missing the end of it.. One must wish her well.
Good luck with your increasingly desperate attempt to prove that all difficulties can be overcome by excessive physical fitness. and Thanks for the pictures. impressive, though dangerous. pretty women are fond of carrying mace. Be careful, it stings like hell.

23 09 2007

I copped a whiff of tear gas in Huaraz a few weeks ago. If Mace is anything like that, I don’t want to be near it. I’ll take your advice.
I’ll have to ask about the axe incident.

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