That was a big hill

2 09 2007

Ok, so I left Chachapoyas, and the last tendrils of civility (or internet anyway) a looong time ago. Well it feels like a long time. I rode down to Tingo to look at the wonderful ruins of Kuélap (second only to Machu Picchu so I am reliably informed). They were pretty good, but I don’t have time for a write up here, see the Wikipedia page if you’re interested (ie click here).

And then I sort of blasted across the landscape, in chase of a couple of Swiss cyclists I knew were in front of me. I lunched at Leymebamaba, and then tackled a pass of 3600m. Coming down the other side I finally caught the Swiss, but they had turned into a family of three (with a three year old in a trailer) and another couple. So the couple were suddenly five. But so far they have let me hang around, and the company has been great.

The next morning we made our way slowly down the other side of the pass – 3600 to 900m really does take some time on these roads. Unfortunately it took us even longer to come back up the other side. The road was absolutely attrocious, I don’t know how they can get away with calling it a road. So it ended up taking an afternoon, a full day, and this morning to climb out of the valley to 3130m. That is one serious down and up. But really picturesque, and worth every drop of sweat. And camping for three nights. Unfortunately the road held me up more that I expected, and I’ve missed ringing home for Nana’s birthday, and Fathers Day. Woops, and sorry. I’ll try to find a phone around here somewhere later.

So now we (I say we as the group is still together – they haven’t sent me off yet:)) are in a reasonable sized town called Celindín. Only 100km or so from the big smoke of Cajamarca, but thet’ll probabaly take two days. We have supplies for three in case the road is bad.

Pity I can’t upload photos here. I have a few good ones from the last few days. When I can I will.



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