24 08 2007

I had a pretty easy day when I left Loja. After running around almost all morning looking for a fax machine (don’t ask), I sorted it out and left late – after the rain thank goodness. Straight away it was uphill. Great.
But then… The road was so new they were still laying it in places. And the day was almost totally downhill. Can you believe it? Until the end, when there was a sharp climb. But still a very enjoyable, err… roll.

Vilcabamba is in the “Valley of the Centenarians”. I suspect they live so long because they sleep all day. The day I was there it was completely deserted (you could blame the festival on Loja if you wanted to).

Next day I continued on my trip south (now off the beaten track). In fact I left the tar as well. Riding on dirt allmost all day. But that’s ok, because it was only 80km. Except by 40km I had risen 2km – ¿who put that moutain there? And then suddenly the rain forest appeared. I stopped and checked my map. No, I’m still in the Andes. It appears I may have gone over the Andes and ended up in the Amazon. Woops. At least it’s lower here, and much (much) warmer. So pleasant in fact that I almost stayed another day in the small town of Palanda.



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