Sickness (and cheating)

24 08 2007

So it turns out I really really should have spent an extra day in Palanda. I woke with a slight fever and thought I would be ok. I talked to the locals – the road to Zumba is all downhill – confirmed by the map. The fact that Palanda didn’t have internet sealed the decision (what was I going to do all day?).

So I left. I wasn’t feeling great, but 50km, downhill – how hard can it be?

Let’s just say it wasn’t one of my finest decisions. It turns out that a map with a contour interval of 800m (I previoulsy thought it was 600m for some reason) can hide some seriously big annoyances. I walked up the first. Struggeled up the next few amd ended up climbing over 800m before practically passing out, 5-10 km from Zumba. The original plan had been to ride until the bike broke. Well, today the body broke. Anyone who’s whinged about having diarreah on a bus should try it on a bike. True, you can stop as often as you like, but in the jungle, for goodness sake, avoid the stinging nettle.

I hitched a lift up the last 4-500m piece of hell (or hill in other languages). I stashed my bike and bags in the back of a Coke truck, and sat up front in the cab, trying to stay consious and talk to the driver. So, for those with bets on, I’ve failed – already.

In Zumba, I ate a little, and passed out. Later that arvo I drank a few litres, was completely hydrated, but had a massive headache. A 2 Panadol headache, with another later (and for those that know me…). I thought maybe I had somehow got Malaria (still had a fever) and realised it was too quick in the jungle. Then I fantasised about some type of Encephalitis – yes it really hurt that bad. In the end the only thing I could do was sleep, so I did.

I didn’t die (well not yet). I slept most of the next day in the (very warm and very sleepy) town of Zumba. No internet here either (until Tuesday I was assured). So read all day, and most of the night.

Woke up this morning realising that the Diarreah still hasn’t gone (I thought it had twice, but then realised I just hadn’t eaten anything more than bread for a day or so). I think it might be Giardiah. The stomache cramps and flatulence seem to fit the bill, but I think I’ve lost some weight – I can’t honestly tell if my stomache is swollen and tight, or if that’s just my abs in the way (wow, that must sound conceited – ladies! feel my rock hard stomache!).

So I jumped on a bus to get into Peru. And here I am. No cycling today. Pity – the road today looked like a nice section to ride… if you are a masochist. The Ecuadorians think that contours are for Peruvians, and the Peruvians think that road maintenance is for Equadorians. I hope they can get it together when I get back on the bike.

I’ll give the sickness a few more days, and then BLAM! I’ll hit it with both barrels of the chemical warefare I’m carrying around in my first aid kit. If I can get off the computer (here in San Ignacio Internet is fast, and only 1sole (US$0.30) per hour – cheap except I have bugger all cash left and the next ATM is – hopefully- 125km down the road – the real reason I left Zumba on a bus – I would have prefered to ride)



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26 08 2007

I think I had Guardia in the Tien Shan. Anything more than boiled vegetables and bread produced hours of diarrhoea. A feature was hydrogen sulphide burps. Sort of reverse farting. Unpleasant. There are effective cures, the medicine Metronidazole worked. Trade name Flagyl etc. Watch out for dehydration. Does all kinds of damage.

26 08 2007

Ahhh. You still read this drivel… Good.
I’m waiting for the H2S smell. I thought I had it yesterday, but it turned out to be my towel. Now washed, the room isn’t quite so rank. I’ll give the body a few more days to see if it can kill it, and then the medicine comes out.
Look out bugs. I’m warning you.

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