4 08 2007

Dillemma of the day… I met an ex-Scottish bloke today who is looking for a cheap 4wd in Quito. So he got me thinking that maybe that would be a better option for me. I’ve been in buses now for a fair chunk of Peru and Ecuador and i am a bit surprised at the amount of desert and pretty dull country I’ve been in. There has been good places, don’t get me wrong, but spending days at a time slogging through desert or up a freaking big hill is looking less entertaining.

Options are:
Join the Gringo trail and stay on the buses
Get a cheap car
Get a motorbike
Get a pushy.

Hmm. I’ve still got plenty of time to decide. I’ll look around Quito while I mull it over.



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5 08 2007

Hey again Steve,
Looks like you are still having fun – lucky man!
Unfotunately I am still here at work, at my desk. But I have a made a decision – I’m off to PNG next year for 3 to 6 months doing volunteer/aid work. The details haven’t quite been worked out yet but Erin and I are both planning on doing a stint up there in a small community!
The wedding is coming up now in 6 weeks – so we’re just focussing on that – this whole working lark is just getting in the way!

Keep having fun!


6 08 2007

Of course I’m still having fun! I’m not bundled up in a bunker thinking about gas – although with some of the food around here, gas is still topical 😉

Wow, that’s a bit of a change. I knew about the marriage of course, but PNG. Well enjoy looking forward to that – I imagine Randall knows (since it’s now on t’internet. Good one.
Yeah, try to keep away from work. It gets in the way for a while, and then suddenly it’s not a problem any more (until the money starts to go down…)

Good luck with the wedding preps – and I also hoppe the house is being sorted out to your satisfaction!

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