6 07 2007

I took an overnight bus to get here. I think that was my first mistake, no Peruvian city looks it’s best before siesta, and this one took until sunset. Perhaps I should have listened to The ‘Planet. Tomorrow, Trujillo. Perhaps the ever-present sea fog will be absent. Well, I can hope.

Other interesting events; another protest today, this time by teachers. Walking around, they managed to shut down the city. Also today was the first time I didn’t feel safe. Bit of a dodgy city, and very few gringos. When I finally saw another, I realised why I was getting so many looks. Not only are we pale, but we are between 0 and 3 ft taller than the locals. No wonder we stick out.



One response

7 07 2007
sister in law

Gotta love this broad band. Sounds like your enjoying your self! Hmmm..obvious. Boys are well.Tim away. Your life sounds alot more exciting than mine at present. Your missed already.- hasnt been 2 weeks yet. Im letting your folks know that your still alive which they find quite pleasing, at least your mum does! he he… Chat later. xo

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