Back in Huaraz

5 07 2007

Man, this keyboard sucks. I´ll find a good one one day.

I wet walking the other day around Huaraz. Pretty normal behaviour for me. Then I decided to go a bit higher try to acclimatise. And went walking some more. Damn! Those moutains are big – if only I was a moutaineer. I keep making excuses, such as I left my boots home (already regret that!). Stu ad Kev know the real reason…

It took me a few days to get used the altitude – it really is high here. But I´ve seen a few glacial valleys (alarmingly vacant of glaciers). I´ll see more when Ol and Jess rock up (in a week or so). We may have to reconsider the Lodge as a base, but we´ll discuss that when I see them.

So that I don´t exhaust all of the possibilities around Huaraz, I´m jumping on an overnight bus in an hour down to the coast. Just to see what is there (a get my breath back). Travel is pretty cheap – a 8 hour bus ride is 30 soles (less than US$10). So I can probably afford to go there and back for a week 🙂 . The worst bit is we arrive at 4am. Hopefully I can sleep in the bus station until the sun rises.



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