2 07 2007

As I mentioned in the last post, Lima was just a city. So I took a bus to the only other place I really knew anything about in Peru, and that is Huaraz. I´m meant to be meeting Ol and Jess here in a bit over a week, so I thought I´d get the jump on them and acclimatise first.

So I caught an early morning bus (after being ripped off by the taxi driver and almost spending more than the cost of an 8 hour bus ride getting to the bus terminal – as it was I spent 1/2 of the fare on the taxi). I got a window seat, but advice to others, try and sit on the right hand side of the bus, then view when you come over the pass is pretty good from that side.

Huaraz is tonnes better than Lima. First of all it is in a valley with mountains all around, to one side is the Corderilla Blanca, with Peru’s greatest mountain at well over 6000m. Secondly, although there are loads of tourists, there are also lots of Peruvians going about there lives (and not jumping all over you like they do in Lima). It´s still pretty much third world though.

Friday night I was buggered from the bus and altitude, so I crashed. Well, I planned to, but ended up staying up pretty late talking to Walter, a Belgian who is now working in the hostel after cycling from Central America into southern Patagonia. Clearly I needed some information. Saturday I did very little (ashamedly I must admit to watching a movie). Just before sunset a group of us (Jo, Jonathan, Nicole, Libby, and Pam) hired a couple of tents and headed up to a valley very close to town – Huanchac for a full moon party. Quite different to the asian version. Thank god we had a fire – it is so cold after the sun sets. It was pretty much a very tame rave, but we danced, drank and toasted ourselves by the fire until about 4am.

And then the heat! My god the sun is hot! We were chased out of the tent what seemed like moments later by the blazing sun. And people started to arrive. It turns out there is a heap of races on today… A cross country, freeride/downhill event, some trials, and BMX jumping. Bikes everywhere. So I roasted in the sun, watched bikes (some very expensive considering the general level of wealth), and again, did very little. When we broke out the Frisbee I tried my usual trick of running around, and was soon slowed by the lack of breath. It could take longer to acclimatise than I was expecting…

And now I have to work out what today will bring, I’ve been exceptionally slack for a few days, and the mountains are so close (well, I´m in them I guess). So I might be trekking tomorrow. Chances are it’ll be alone unless I can find someone quickly.



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3 07 2007
Bloke fro OZ

Stevo, I’d like 2 see U dance, drink, and toast yourself, we all know that it just ain’t gonna happen. Good 2 C your still alive, and taking it easy. My advice is to find someone quick, take up drinking, and spend the rest of your holiday in the south of France. The 12 months will go quick then, and you’ll be back in OZ B4 you know it!!

5 07 2007

I’m with Bloke from Oz.. You? Drink? Hahahaha. Now i’ve heard everything!!! I believe I have seen you dance though… and do cartwheels at a gay parade. *grins*

But hell jealous about the rave… sounds AWESOME!!!

6 07 2007

Did you drink milk? 😀

11 07 2007

I did do some cartwheels.
I couldn’t find any milk.
France sounds good. But I’m trying to learn Spanish!

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