Still Getting Ready

19 06 2007

For someone who is deliberately not planning very far ahead, you’d think I’d have nothing to do, except maybe cool my heels before I left. Right? Well, I seem to be busy doing stuff every day. Ok, it’s not much stuff, but at least I’m keeping busy.

Otherwise I might have to entertain myself. In this weather that could get very chilly (it is really really cold here – after Queensland I’m wearing a beanie, two woollen shirts, jeans, etc, and the heater is on).

Now I have travel insurance. For 9 months (seems like a good starting point, I expect to be extending the policy). I have been rejected in a credit card application (it looked good with no fees, but the application was lacking a certain ‘oomph’ when I had to say I was unemployed 😉 ). I have new cards from the accounts I regularly use. Tonight I noticed that my backup credit card is going to run out of date this month… New one will have to be ordered tonight. (doh!)

Vaccinations sorted. International drivers license sorted. Talked to the banks a few times (they like to know what you are doing in more detail than I want to know right now).

When I look at the list of things I’ve done (and  still have to do), I probably could knock it over quicker than I have, but then… What else would I do for the next week? Sit outside in the cold?



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