Kev’s X-terra

12 06 2007

Kev convinced me to fly home a day early and race in his X-terra (a kind of off road duathalon). He’d set the date for his birthday, and spent all morning in the cold wind putting out arrows and setting up the course for the rest of us. Which was good of him. There was a fairly small turn out – only seven people/teams raced. I thought I was at least guaranteed a top ten finish with those odds!

I haven’t trained, well… at all in the last month or so – busy trying to get work wrapped up. So I wasn’t expecting to beat Kev, but I like to be able to keep up.

I got thrashed (by Kev). Oh well. Next time. Kev won and everyone had a good time, so success I guess.

Maybe Catherine will email me a nice photo I can put on the site. Maybe even the one that I was in the same frame as Kev, to make it look like I was keeping up. No-one need know it was right at the start of the race.

And my Bro’ managed to break his arm last night while riding the mountain bike around his back yard before I put it in the car. What can you say…?



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