4 06 2007

Just watched The Motorcycle Diaries. Story about Che Guevara and a trip with a friend across Latin America (on a motorcycle). It made me realise that I didn’t know anything about the man, and have since spent a few hours on the Internet. Now I feel much more informed. I’m going to miss the instant on knowledge that the Internet can provide.

One scene in the movie (especially) made me think. A couple were basically fleeing for their life to find work and food, and encountered Che travelling. They asked why he was travelling. After giving their account, Che had no answer. I guess I’m going to be in a similar situation. I’m about to go travelling because I can – there is no government stopping me, or starvation to deal with. All it takes is a flash of inspiration or desire and I can go, where so many others have to break their backs every day to simply survive.

<delete rant on the inequity of the world. also delete rant on capitalism. – it’s too late (at night) for me to make any kind of sense on these issues>



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