Package from Canada

30 05 2007

I got a package from Canada today. It contained my latest camping gadget – another single man tent. This one is a bit different though – it’s a hammock (from Hennesy Hammocks). I thought I’d try one out as a possible replacement for my Macpac Ultralight.

The hammock is pretty small (when packed) and probably about the same internal area… of course I set it up in the backyard after dinner! I think the best part may be saving weight and volume by not having to carry a thermarest, but the obvious downside will be needing to find trees each night I want to camp. Casting my mind back, there have been very few campsites I’ve stayed at without trees, or at least without trees within a few minutes walk. So hopefully this wont be a major problem until the Altiplano (Bolivian highlands), where, to all accounts, there are no trees. For days. Oh well, sleeping under the stars might not be so bad for a while.

I suspect that gringo travellers of any kind will cause a stir as they pass through villages in SA, but one who carries a hammock might be a bit more of a novelty.

I wonder if camping with all of this single person gear is contributing to my relationship status?



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