Gear gear gear gear

26 05 2007

Today I spent a pleasant hour or so in the gear shops. I would have preferred to be doing something else, but there you are.

I’m struggling to think of things to buy. I think I have nearly everything I need (except a new Goretex, pack and bike – minor stuff), and anything else will be just dead weight. But of course I do need a phrase book -so I got one from Looney Planet. I may have also spent a (err, long…) while in front of the travel books section in the book store. Now that I am almost (psychologically) ready to go, travel books, travel blogs, anything is giving me ideas and wanting me to get out there NOW! Instead of buying a book like that, I got a bilingual story book – the same story in Spanish on one page, and English translation on the opposite. Let’s see if I try and read it.

As far as gear… I’m going to try some Exofficio underwear. Heard good things, lets see how they go. And I got some boardies from MD’s in expectation of surfing again tomorrow – although the surfboard owners have already said it will be a late start due to cocktail party commitments tonight.



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