Plan update

23 05 2007

Tonight was a failed climbing night. I rocked up full of enthusiasm and sweat only to find the people with the ropes had already had enough and wanted to go home. So we watched the state of origin instead. Qld won, I guess that means ‘we’ won. Yay. Clearly not enough enthusiasm.

So I think something just went click in my head. Actually, it probably went crash! And probably long ago… I have had this grand plan of riding the Americas. I don’t know why. It probably comes from the same place as riding form Oz to UK came from. Since I’ve done some research, it doesn’t sound half as challenging going by motorbike – only cycling will really count. For some reason, I wanted to start at the southern tip and go north. This has been troubling me as July/August practically in Antarctica doesn’t sound like heaps of fun. Today (or rather late tonight) I stumbled across a blog of someone who has cycled from Ecuador south. That sounds like a much better plan.

Current plan:

Climb / Walk in Peru
Ski in Chile
early August, get back to Peru, get a bike
Get to Ecuador
Ride to Ushuaia

hmmm… could work.



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