Gear Freak

12 05 2007

I’m starting to compile a list of gear I’ll need on this trip I’m about to take. In some ways it still feels like I’m going on a few weeks of holiday, not a life-changing break from work.

Perhaps that is because I’m obsessing about details, and not looking at the big picture. For example, I spent all day Wednesday and Thursday looking at what sort of tent I’ll take (and incidendally, I’ve ordered a camping Hammock from the US to try out before I go), and spent a few hours on Friday working out what pots will be lightest with the MSR cooker. And testing how long it takes to boil water with a trangia and a whisperlite (which I’ll post, since I’ve done the test). But I enjoy over-optimising problems – errr, any wonder why I do this job then? I could spend weeks trying to get my pack weight down.

For the record – the current plan has me in Peru with Ol and Jess, then skiing in Santiago. Then Ol and Jess go home and the plan falls flat. Being winter, I think I’ll head north, back into Peru and possibly further. If the weather is too cold, I’ll jump up to Canada, but not too quickly – I’ll have a working holiday visa for Canada by then, and don’t want it to run out before I’m ready to work again! A bike trip will eventuate somewhere in there, but I’m not sure where from or too, so I’m planning to get a bike when I’m there. That should test my Spanish.



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