SARA Rogaine

6 05 2007

Kev and I have finally won a Rogaine.It took a while, and we entered the 12 hour version of the 24 event, but we still won a category. I feel like I cheated a little as there was a 24 hour we could have done, but it is for the best that we didn’t. Kev had a cold or something that meant he was buggered after 12 hours, and my left knee was (and has been) giving me grief.

We cleaned up though, 50km in 12 hours in Mambray Creek (around 700m elevation change over the map) – hence the name: Mambray Thigh Master. The quads got a very thorough workout. The controls were mainly on (or just off) the tracks which actually made navigation a bit tricky, but there were (for the most part) plenty of features to help us out. We go 1300 points, the next nearest just under 1000. The winning 24 hour team got 2200 points (so we still had some work to do). If we’d been in the 24 hour and stopped after 12, we’d have come 6th. Not too bad.

Kev punchingThere was some running. And I did mess up the nav once, which meant we missed 2 controls (170 points worth!!!). Otherwise we hit out plan bang on. About time too.

Some photos of us crashing through the bush are on Flickr.

Yes, I did take a camera. It’s a bit of extra weight, but we managed.



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