15 04 2007

After returning from Tassie, I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts. The week on the trail was a good break (apart from the obvious), and:
I had a cold (I hate sniffing all the time, but there’s no other option on the trail), bad enough that the ‘glandular’ glands came back (not again!!!);
I cut my hands up pretty bad on the trail – swinging off branches I expect;
I got a bad cut at both corners of my mouth; and
I hurt my knees.

Now that we’ve been home for a week:
The stress knowing that we could have died is reducing to background levels;
The cold is lingering. (just go away, damn it!);
The hands, mouth and miscellaneous damage is healing nicely (sometimes I ‘m amazed at the regenerative powers these bodies have);
My left knee appears to be buggered.

Since I’ve had a cold, and work has been somewhat busy, I haven’t been super active (well, not active at all). Today I got fed up with feeling sorry for myself and moping around and decided to go for a walk. Ok, so it was reasonably fast and over an hour, but my body shouldn’t have a problem with that!

Well… now I can’t walk. Stupid knee. It seems to be inflamed or something. Just wait ’til I take it running tomorrow (if I can walk on it) 🙂

I have spent most of the day reading others blogs about traveling. Hooked on a blog from a girl from somewhere in US, currently traveling in NZ. Interesting how others like to travel. That’ll be me in about 2 months. Yay!



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